Transfer Services



At the present time, Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. maintains the records for over 1,100 companies. Our basic services includes the following:

Receipt of stock certificates presented for transfer. Review of endorsements, check signature guarantees, cancellation of the old certificates and issuance of new certificates as instructed.

Maintain and update shareholder records.

Process "stop transfer" orders on lost or stolen securities. Maintain the file and follow through to conclusion, replacement or recovery. File all forms with the Securities Information Center. In most cases help with obtaining the required bond for replacement.

Examine and review the required documents for "Rule 144" transactions, and if requested notify the Company of these transactions before new certificates are issued

Review documents for estate or other legal transfers.


Warrant Services



Warrant certificates are handled in the same careful and precise manner as Common Share certificates.

During the "exercise" period, we are prepared to receive the properly executed Warrant certificates for exchange to Common share certificates, deposit any check received in a special warrant account, and disperse those funds at your direction or as stated in your Warrant Agent Agreement.


Mailing Services



You know that frequent communication with your shareholders and the brokerage community is vital to maintain confidence in your company. Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. can be that critical link to your shareholders and the brokers. To make sure the word gets out, we will mail shareholder letters, press releases, special meeting notices, proxy statements, annual reports, and any other significant shareholder information.


Printing Services



We will be happy to arrange for the printing of all shareholder communications.

We work closely with excellent printers and will assist you with the ordering of your stock certificates.

Want a custom certificate? We have available at all times a graphic designer that can create a complete corporate identity for your company. This includes logo design for your stock certificates, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. We also offer complete embossing, foil stamping and engraving. All of this is provided at extremely competitive pricing.