Full Contract



Transfer Agent Agreement

Issuance Resolution



The Issuance resolution should be completed by an officer of the issuer when ordering stock out of the treasury.

Stock Power


A stock power is used to endorse securities over to another party.  This endorsement must be accompanied by a medallion guarantee.

144 B1

Representation Letter


This form must be completed by the shareholder in order to remove a restriction on eligible securities (Non Shell Issurer) that have been held 1+ years by a non-affiliate.

Corporate Resolution



A corporate resolution must be completed by the corporation in which stock is registered to in order to authorize a specific power to assign securities on the corporation's behalf.

Partnership Agreement



A partnership agreement should be completed by the partners of a partnership showing which partner (usually the general partner) will have the authority to assign securities on the partnerships behalf.

LLC Certification


A Limited Liability Company certification form needs to be completed to provide authority to assign securities registered to an LLC.