See why Interwest maintains the records for over 1,100 companies.

At Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. we are dedicated to total quality and client satisfaction.  Our full service agency provides:

  • Assist you in filing your annual reports with your state of incorporation.
  • Provide registered agent services in Utah and Nevada
  • Apply for your cusip number
  • Have the services of three excellent securities attorneys

Transfer Services



At the present time, Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. maintains the records for over 1,100 companies. Our basic services includes the following:

Receipt of stock certificates presented for transfer. Review of endorsements, check signature guarantees, cancellation of the old certificates and issuance of new certificates as instructed.

Maintain and update shareholder records.

Process "stop transfer" orders on lost or stolen securities. Maintain the file and follow through to conclusion, replacement or recovery. File all forms with the Securities Information Center. In most cases help with obtaining the required bond for replacement.

Examine and review the required documents for "Rule 144" transactions, and if requested notify the Company of these transactions before new certificates are issued

Review documents for estate or other legal transfers.


Warrant Services



Warrant certificates are handled in the same careful and precise manner as Common Share certificates.

During the "exercise" period, we are prepared to receive the properly executed Warrant certificates for exchange to Common share certificates, deposit any check received in a special warrant account, and disperse those funds at your direction or as stated in your Warrant Agent Agreement.


Mailing Services



You know that frequent communication with your shareholders and the brokerage community is vital to maintain confidence in your company. Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. can be that critical link to your shareholders and the brokers. To make sure the word gets out, we will mail shareholder letters, press releases, special meeting notices, proxy statements, annual reports, and any other significant shareholder information.


Printing Services



We will be happy to arrange for the printing of all shareholder communications.

We work closely with excellent printers and will assist you with the ordering of your stock certificates.

Want a custom certificate? We have available at all times a graphic designer that can create a complete corporate identity for your company. This includes logo design for your stock certificates, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. We also offer complete embossing, foil stamping and engraving. All of this is provided at extremely competitive pricing.



Interwest Transfer Company uses cutting edge technologies to provide lightning fast access to your stockholder data. Our computers and software systems are continuously being updated to the latest industry standards to insure our commitment to excellent service.

Our custom-built computer software system has been securely developed over the past 15 years on completely closed system. Our software is supported by dedicated computer professionals of whom are the only ones able to access the program from within.

These software programs are far superior to any we have seen for reporting, balance, control and analysis of stock records. Our software is not available to any other bank or independent transfer agent in the world. 



Interwest Transfer Co., Inc. is protected from burglary, fire and smoke by Honeywell Protection Services. Our office is three minutes from the Salt Lake County Sheriff's substation and Salt Lake County fire station.

All shareholder records are strictly confidential, and are available only to those persons designated by each of our clients.

Unissued stock certificates are kept secure and carefully monitored in our vault.

Back-up computer tapes are stored away from our office in a secure location to guarantee the safety of your shareholders information. In addition, a hard copy is maintained in our office to prevent any changes or alteration. 



Let me introduce you to Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. a professional registrar & transfer agency dedicated to the highest standards in the industry.

We made our first transfer in 1961 - fifty one years of prompt and efficient service to our companies and the brokerage community. We are a fully bonded agency, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Interwest is also a member of the Stock Transfer Association (STA).

Our success depends on our ability to provide optimum service to you and your shareholders. Our staff is efficient, productive, and flexible in addressing the specialized needs of each client.

You deserve the best - we provide it!

At the present time, Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. maintains the stock records for over 1,500 companies. We disburse dividends, handle stock splits, issue and convert warrants and debentures and provide all of the services needed by any company to insure the proper handling of corporate stock records. Interwest also provides rapid turnaround processing through the DTC (Fast) Fast Automated Securities Transfer System, for participating issuers.

Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also provide service in Las Vegas, Nevada through Progressive Transfer, Inc.

We hope to be of service to you and your company.

Very truly yours,
Interwest Transfer Co, Inc.

Announcements Expands its Stock Transfer Agent Relationships with Addition of Interwest Transfer Co, Inc.


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2017 /, a unique online digital platform, today announced that Interwest Transfer Co, Inc is the latest stock transfer agent that has selected its platform to provide shareholders with a modern solution to obtain a medallion signature guarantee. is currently the only digital platform that offers this service through an online platform. Interwest Transfer Co, Inc. selected for its advanced identification verification technology as it drastically simplifies the process for shareholders who want to transfer shares and thus need to obtain the required signature guarantee.

Kurt Hughes, CEO of Interwest Transfer Co, Inc., stated, "This relationship with will help provide added value to our investors with a digital, efficient solution to obtain a medallion signature that will ultimately benefit the wider shareholder community through a more modern and efficient process." Medallions protect transfer agents, corporate stock issuers, and shareholders against fraudulent behavior, yet the current process of obtaining one directly from a financial institution or local retail bank can be challenging.

About Interwest Transfer Co, Inc.

Interwest Transfer Co, Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and maintains the stock records for over 1,500 companies. Interwest disburses dividends, handle stock splits, issues and converts warrants and debentures, and provides all of the services needed by any company to insure the proper handling of corporate stock records. For more information, visit

About eSignature Group, LLC

eSignature Group provides a unique, patent pending online platform at, which allows stockholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. The platform is available for individuals, corporate entities, trustees and executors and can be used to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for shares in physical certificate form or for shares held in an electronic book entry account via the submission of a signed stock power. For more information, visit

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